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What Are the Specific Advantages of the Stone Cage Net?

The gabion mesh is made of high-corrosion-resistant, high-strength, ductile low-carbon steel wire or PVC-coated steel wire using mechanical braiding. It is commonly used for anti-scouring protection of rivers, dams and sea ponds, and cages for reservoirs and river closures. What are the specific advantages of gabion nets, gabion baskets suppliers will share with you.


Excellent stability and overall function:

The gabion mesh is a double-twisted grid structure woven by special machinery, and partial damage will not cause the overall destruction of the cage. The gabion mesh has moderate deformation characteristics, connecting all the projects into a whole without splitting. Even if there is uneven subsidence, the overall structure will not produce cracks or serious problems.


Simple construction method:

Gabion cages process can be designed to produce semi-finished products by factory production. The construction site is assembled and shaped according to the design drawings, and then laid on the prepared soil slope or the excavated foundation pit. It can be paved as slope protection or masonry into box cage retaining wall, filled with filling material and covered with net. It is easy to operate, has little interference from climate, and is suitable for mechanized operation, which can ensure the construction quality and speed up the project progress. During the construction process of a construction unit, due to the influence of the weather, the construction unit will transfer the workers to the masonry stone retaining wall Come over and do the stone cage net slope protection.

Gabion Cages


Excellent corrosion resistance and durability:

The steel wire of the gabion mesh adopts hot-dip aluminum-zinc plating process, the surface coating of the steel wire is more stable, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of the wire. After the resin coating process, it has corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-aging, anti-oxidation Characteristics, longer service life. According to the test, the plastic is immersed in 30% hydrochloric acid for 10 days, and the plastic has no discoloration or cracking. It can be seen that this material is very reliable even in high-pollution areas. 70 years.


Good water permeability:

Retaining walls and paved slopes constructed with gabion cages. The filler in the gabion cages is loose, and there are more pores, which is beneficial to the backfilling of masonry and the pore water in the soil layer under the slope protection. Drainage, once the surface water enters the infiltrated soil body, it can be discharged quickly through the masonry, effectively reducing the groundwater level, thereby reducing the groundwater pressure behind the wall and below the slope, the structure of the gabion net in the treatment of landslides and the prevention of debris flow In the project, the timely drainage of water reduces the probability of wall damage, and the wall's good deformability can effectively buffer sudden external impacts.


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Benefits Of Gabion Mesh

Gabion mesh is mechanically woven from low-carbon steel wire with high corrosion resistance, high strength and toughness or steel wire coated with PVC. It is often used for the anti-scouring protection of rivers, dams, seawater ponds, and closed cage nets for reservoirs and river courses.

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