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Surface Treatment of Gabion Net And Construction Of Gabion Net

Surface treatment of gabion cages: when using gabion cages, it can be clearly seen that the current products are very different from the previous ones. That is, the surface treatments used above are all surface treatments. There are many different types of surface treatments used. For example, there are hot-dip galvanized types used, and some are electro-galvanized types. Of course, there are other types of PVC coating. When using these, each of them has its own unique role.

And the effect that can be achieved will be more different, so people can use it with more confidence. The reason for the surface treatment of the gabion mesh is that the carbon steel type material is used inside this product, and this material is outside for a long time. Because the chemical properties of steel are not so stable, it will be greatly affected when used. When rationalization is based on people's understanding and judgment, surface treatment is indeed a good model that can be better reflected.

And this is what people really want. Of course, there is still a situation where carbon steel can be protected when using the surface treatment of gabion mesh. For example, when it encounters a strong acid or a strong alkali, it has no effect on the material itself. Because the surface treatment on the outside makes the chemical properties more stable, the overall service life will be significantly increased, which is why the surface treatment must be done. The main purpose is to achieve good anti-corrosion properties. In some cases, its own strength can be greatly improved, so this is a good way to satisfy people, and the advantages that can be achieved will be even more different.


Construction of gabion wire mesh:

1. The construction staff cut and folded the gabion net cage into a net cage, and then compressed, strapped and transported to the construction site.

2. The construction personnel first lifted the galvanized gabion net to approximately 90 degrees, and the lashing spacer mesh became box-shaped. The lashing wire was made of the same material steel wire, and the two or more strands were tied and tightened. The spacer mesh was first fixed up and down and then lashed tight.

3. Lay the gabion cages. After verifying the laying position, place the grid cages according to the design drawing instructions. Combine the vertical direction with the whole, bind all the adjacent grid lines, and start with 150mm at the vertical direction. -Banding after 3 laps A total of 3 locations (from top to bottom (150mm, 200mm, 150mm): when tying the third location, there is an adjacent net under the entire group of grids. The bottom must be tied together for a unified connection.

4. Bind all adjacent grid lines in the horizontal direction of integration. The 250mm point from the edge is the first point, and the lashing continues every 250mm. After the second layer is laid (upper layer), the adjacent parts must be tied together for the overall connection. The adjacent mesh body is tied up at an average of 4 per square meter. Only after the overall gables are connected in each layer can the stone be filled .


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