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The Role Of Gabion Net In Ecological Slope Protection

The Role Of Gabion Net In Ecological Slope Protection

The ecological green grid of gabion is the product of modern scientific development and can play an important role in development projects in the field of transportation and water conservancy. In China's river improvement and slope protection, easily accessible stones or prefabricated concrete structures are usually used, so it is easy to overlook the ecological function of the river. However, the use of gabion nets to protect slopes has solved this problem well, not only can ensure the stability of the slope, but also can maintain and restore the ecological structure of the river, and will not be troubled by the destruction of the concrete structure.

The gabion net is made of corrosion-resistant, high-strength, ductile low-carbon steel wire or steel wire coated with PVC. The steel wire is mechanically woven. Such process conditions can completely guarantee the effectiveness of the gabion net. The gabion net system can effectively play a role in the water conservancy project and protect the water conservancy project from being damaged. Because of this advantage of gabion nets, it has been widely used in various water conservancy projects, such as the perfect control and guidance of river flow, and even the construction of flood discharge dams and diversion dams, and sometimes used in bridge protection structures.

Under normal circumstances, the refurbishment of lakes and dams mostly adopt short-strip revetment, and the net cages are placed in a staggered manner to leave gaps. You can choose to set the net pads in places with higher river flow rates. At the same time, the extension length of the net mat can also be calculated according to the height of the cage and the impact velocity of the river where the cage is located and the width of the river. This perfect measurement and calculation can make the gabion net in the dam engineering of the hydraulic engineering more beautiful, practical and economical.

Under normal circumstances, gabion nets are most suitable for river banks with high flow rates, severe erosion, and even slopes that are easy to seep and cause flooding. The gabion net is a basic flexible structure and has strong self-adjustment ability to uneven settlement. The advantages are obvious, especially the pores on the surface of the gabion net and the large and small gaps between the stones can be used for small animals to inhabit, or for the growth of plants that like shade.

Ecological gabion nets are usually used on slopes. In order to prevent soil erosion and stabilize the dam, it can also be directly laid in the water by taking advantage of its advantages. It even has convenient conditions, such as green, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials without pollution. It can become the best structure to prevent the impact of water flow in the shortest time.

Ecological gabion nets can permanently protect river banks or river beds, and can even control the slowing down of water flow to prevent slope damage caused by rapid impacts on river banks, effectively control soil erosion and protect water quality. Gabion nets can be said to be economical, fast, efficient and practical measures.


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