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Some Information About Gabion Mesh

Some Information About Gabion Mesh  

Gabion baskets suppliers will share this article about gabion mesh with you.  

1. Technical characteristics of gabion mesh  

The gabion mesh adopts a flexible structure design, and the low-carbon steel wire with high elongation makes the gabion net have strong flexibility and deformability, so it can adapt to the uneven settlement of the foundation.

The anti-scouring gabion mesh has the characteristics of a porous structure. When the wave acts on the gabion mesh, the vacuum pressure starts to be eliminated, so the gabion net can effectively realize the anti-wave effect and anti-scouring ability.   

The gabion has the function of ecological environment protection. The structure does not use any pollutants. The main material is stone in nature, and its additional steel wire net will not pollute the environment. In addition, there are many filling pores in the gabion net structure, which can provide living space for various aquatic animals and plants to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Durable gabion mesh is made of zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire. This kind of anti-corrosion treated steel wire has a long service life. In addition, the gabion net is mechanically woven by steel wire, with excellent coating technology and weaving technology, which can ensure the uniform thickness and corrosion resistance of the coating, thereby greatly extending the service life of the gabion net.

The gabion mesh construction is convenient and efficient. It can be made into semi-finished products according to the construction drawings, and then assembled on the construction site according to the construction drawings. The operation process is simple, does not require specialized technical personnel, and is not affected by weather, the overall construction efficiency is high, and the quality is easy to guarantee. If there is mechanical cooperation, the construction progress will be faster.

Economical gabion net can be filled with gravel or pebbles. Compared with traditional structures (such as concrete), the cost is lower and it has certain economic advantages.

2. Production of gabion mesh

The production of gabion mesh is specially processed. It is a six-sided double-chain steel wire mesh woven from low-carbon steel wire, which can meet the requirements of engineering components and has better mechanical properties.

The tensile strength of the gabion mesh surface is 50kn/m. Under normal circumstances, the gabion manufacturer will provide the user with an approved tensile strength test report.

The lashing steel wire of the gabion net and the mesh steel wire are made of the same material, and the joints are usually twisted continuously and alternately at an interval of 50cm.

3.Structural characteristics of gabion mesh

Gabion mesh is a cage-shaped structure with a thickness of 0.17-0.3m. It is used to fill stones, not only to prevent water and wind waves from destroying the river bank, but also to realize the natural convection exchange function between the water body and the soil under the slope, to achieve ecological balance and green environmental protection. Plants on the slope can also increase the landscape and greening effect.

The gabion mesh structure is woven by a machine and woven into a hexagonal metal net. The thickness of the finished product is much smaller than the length and width. After manual assembly, a gabion box is formed. Stones or other fillers are added to the gabion net box. A gabion mesh retaining wall with very good stability is formed, which can be used for slope protection structures such as water conservancy, bank slope, and flood control.


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