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The Function of Gabion in River Regulation

The Function of Gabion in River Regulation  

Gabions are mainly used for river improvement of slope protection stone or precast concrete block structure, to solve the problems of river erosion and slope stability, not only to ensure the stability of the slope, but also to maintain the structure type and restore the river ecology.  

The retaining wall structure of the gabion net is usually a 1-meter-high cage layer with staggered nodes placed between each other. The flow rate of the river should be expanded under the cover cushion, cushion length to determine the cage height and greater erosion depth.

On some mountain rivers and bridges where the water level drops, the rainy season is accompanied by rapid water flow, sometimes washed away by heavy rain, and often destroys the original bridges. However, the places where these dangers occur are usually mountainous areas, and some large-scale equipment is usually unable to be deployed, so it will cause some inconvenience. The ecological network structure has good corrosion resistance, the construction is very convenient, it has good impact resistance, the permeable water pressure on the apron is much less, the ecological grid structure is stable, and then the stone is added.

The stone cage net is made of wire mesh or polymer wire mesh, which can fix the rock filling in the proper position. Gabion is a structure made of metal wire mesh or welded. Both structures can be electroplated, and the braided wire box can be additionally coated with PVC. Use weather-resistant hard stone as the filling, which will not quickly break due to the wear of the stone box or the sediment in the stone cage. Different types of gabion nets have different characteristics for their protective measures. It is a high-quality protective product.

1.Good water permeability. The fillings in the cages are pebbles, which are very loose and have many holes in the middle, which are conducive to the exchange of rainwater and groundwater, and groundwater penetrates into the soil. It can be effectively discharged through the gabion net, which can not only reduce the water level of the groundwater, but also reduce the pressure of the groundwater on the walls and slopes. Timely drainage can reduce the possibility of wall damage. At the same time, the gabion net has good deformability and can buffer the impact force.

2 Overall stability. The gabion net is made of zinc-aluminum alloy wire woven by the machine. Even if part of it is damaged, it will not affect the overall performance. It has a certain deformation ability and can connect the entire project into a whole without the need for splitting. Even if the parts are uneven, there will be no cracks in the whole.

3.The relatively simple construction method. The manufacturer will produce the gabion net as a semi-finished product, and then place the gabion net on the excavated foundation pit according to the drawings. Connect the gabion net into a whole, then start filling the stuffing, and finally cover the lid. The construction and operation of the gabion net are simple and not affected by the weather.

4.Strong impact resistance. After testing, the impact resistance of the gabion net structure is more than twice that of the ordinary protective wall. Affected by water erosion, the stone in the gabion net protection pad will not affect the overall impact performance even if it is impacted. The gabion net is a flexible structure, and there are some holes between the filling stones in the box. When the crests of wind and waves hit the gabion net, the waves will be crushed, thereby reducing the impact of the waves. When the wave recedes, there are pores between the cages, which destroy the vacuum suction of the wave and reduce the damage to the gabion.

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