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How Is the Gabion Net Installed?

First of all, let us understand the installation nature of the gabion wire mesh product. In addition to the cover plate, the side plate, end plate and bottom plate are connected together and exist as an independent unit. There is a partition in one meter for separation.

Secondly, understand the assembly method of gabion net

The cover plate, side plate, end plate and bottom plate are independently produced and assembled manually, and finally presented in a box-like form, and each part is bound with spiral steel wire, and the side lines of the gabion net use thick wires. It is because this can enhance the strength of the gabion net.

Place the folded gabion net product on the flat ground, then flatten the creases, install the front panel, rear panel, bottom plate and partitions in accordance with the specified positions, and finally present a box gabion net structure, tight The next step is to install adjacent gabion cages. The upper and lower corners between the two gabion cages must be connected by double-stranded wires. The upper and lower boundary lines or broken lines are bound, and the joints are tightened with spiral fixing lines. If it appears during installation The uneven place can be flattened before installation. It is necessary to ensure that the sides of each panel and the partition are completely assembled together, and the surface of the gabion net is kept flat and the installation position is reasonable.

Third, the tightening process of the gabion net

Connect the edge of the gabion net with other cable ties or metal cable ties, and the maximum distance when binding is 100mm. If there are special standards, they can be changed flexibly. The long strapping wire is wound along the sideline, and can be single-stranded or double-stranded. It is recommended to use pliers for assembly to make the structure stronger.

Finally, understand the treatment of the gabion net after installation

After installing each gabion mesh, place the gabion mesh in the designated position, and then connect the gabion pads together. In order to maintain the overall structure and facilitate the connection, the gabion net structure is completed and then filled with stones.

After understanding the weaving process, what types of gabion nets are there?

1. Galvanized large steel wire hexagonal net is woven with high-quality low-carbon steel wire, the tensile strength of the steel wire is not less than 38kg/m2, the steel wire diameter is generally 2.0mm-4.0mm, and the surface of the steel wire is usually maintained by hot dip galvanizing. The thickness of the galvanized solidified layer can be changed according to needs, and the galvanizing amount can reach 300g/m2.

2. Galvanized plastic coated hexagonal net, covered with a PVC protective layer on the outer surface of the galvanized iron wire, and then woven into various standard hexagonal nets. The PVC protective layer will greatly extend the service life of the gabion net. By choosing different colors, it can blend with the surrounding natural environment.

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