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Take You to Understand What Is a Gabion Net!

Gabion Baskets are made by mechanically woven low-carbon steel wire or steel wire coated with PVC. It has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high strength, and good ductility. Because the diameter of the low-carbon steel wire is not uniform, it can be changed according to engineering design requirements. The tensile strength of steel wire is usually between 2.0-4.0mm and not less than 380N/㎡. The thickness of the galvanized layer is generally 215-300g/㎡. The diameter of the side wire of the gabion net is usually larger than the diameter of the mesh wire. In order to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the twisted part of the steel wire are not damaged, the length of the twisted part must not be less than 50mm.

One. The application of gabion net

1. The gabion net can be used for slope support, and can also be made into a gabion cage or a gabion net pad to protect rivers, dams and seawalls from erosion, as well as to intercept reservoirs and rivers, to control and guide the river Towards. In the event of heavy rain, a large amount of water scouring the river bank may cause flooding, and gabion nets can effectively solve the above problems and protect the river bed and bank.

2. The construction of the river course involves the stability of the slope and the river bed. Choosing an ecological grid structure is the main method of river reconstruction and artificial canalization, because it can permanently protect the river bank or river bed. In addition, the gabion net also has the functions of controlling water flow and preventing soil erosion, especially in environmental protection and water quality maintenance.

Two, the advantages of gabion net

1. Gabions with PVC coated have strong flexibility, can adapt to the environment well, will not be affected by the change of slope, and the structure of the gabions is more stable than Rigid materials play a bigger role.

2. The gabion net has a strong anti-scouring ability and can withstand a water flow speed of up to 6m/s;

3. The gabion net is water-permeable and can filter the groundwater, so that the suspended solids and silt in the water are deposited in the rockfill. These deposits will become nutrients for plants, which is beneficial to the growth of natural plants and restores the original ecological environment. Protect the ecological balance.

4. Gabion net has good overall flexibility, corrosion resistance and stability.


Three, the type of gabion net

There are various types of gabion nets, including electric welded gabion nets, gabion cages, galvanized gabion nets, zinc-aluminum alloy gabion nets, plastic coated gabion nets, etc. Among them, galvanized gabion nets are mainly divided into cold galvanized stone There are two types of cage net and hot-dip galvanized gabion net. This kind of galvanized gabion net is made of low-carbon steel wire through galvanizing process. The finished product is woven, cut, and tied by a weaving machine. The quality is excellent and close to Compared with other types of stone cage nets, galvanized gabion nets have stronger flexibility and a wider range of applications.


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